Wood Fences

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"We see your home as the picture and our fence as a frame around it "

You can choose from a wide variety of custom built wood fences. Our sales people are knowledgeable and are willing to take the time to answer all of your questions. 

Each type of wood has it's pro's and con's.  Fences vary in price , appearance, and longevity according to the type of wood that is chosen.  We can customize any fence according to the needs of our clients. "The right fence for your home becomes a investment, not a expense"!

  1. Every wood gate is built onsite to insure a close fit to the ground. We provide top quality hinges and latches. Our gates are screwed and glued together to prevent sagging.
  2. All posts, not just gate posts, are set in mixed concrete to proper depth (below frost lines) .  We do not cut any corners. You can be sure that the quality of materials and installation are top notch. 
  3. You receive a 2 year warranty on labor.